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Four sets big tonnage injection machine to Nigeria

January 13, 2022

It is busy today for our workers. It spend almost one day time on loading all these four sets big tonnage injection machines. These big tonnage machines are 1 set of 850 ton, 1 set of 400ton, 2 sets of 1100 ton plastic injection molding machines. It is estimated that after one month on the sea, these four injection machines will arrive at final destination Nigeria.

Ten years ago, we have one good customer who bought our plastic machinery regularly. In this September, he invited us to visit his factory because he has new plant for plastic injection business. Moreover, he introduced one of his friend to us. His friend is also famous in local for injection molding business in plastic industry. So our sales team together with engineers visited them in Nigeria and brought back one big order.

We believe if you supply good quality plastic injection molding machines to customers, customers will be ready to introduce us to his friends. We got many injection molding machines orders from customers’ friends.

This time, it takes totally six 40HQ containers.

85-0850T Plastic Injection Molding Machine


Clamping units of injection molding machines with a lifting capacity of 850 tons are loaded into a container

400Ton plastic injection molding machines

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