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PET injection molding cav tov

» PET injection molding cav tov

FLS-480-TSIAJ 480 Ton muaj zog haib PET injection molding machines

China Ningbo FLYSE Plastic Machinery is professional supplier of 400 Ton strong powerful PET plastic injection molding machines with good price. This high performance strong powerful PET injection machine is specially designed for small-mid-big sizes pet preforms fabricating. Servo system is applied.

  • Clamping force: 480 Tonnage / 4800kN
  • Theoretical Shot weight: 2050g/3160g (PET special screw)
  • Tie bar distance: 780×780
  • Motor power:55.5Kw/79.6Kw
  • Specifications
Model Unit FLS-480 PET
International size rating
Injection Unit A2000 A3100
Screw diameter mm 82 95
Screw L/D ratio L/D 24∶1 24∶1
Theoretical shot volume cm³ 2000 3100
Shot weight g 2050 3160
Injection rate g/s
Txhaj tshuaj Mpa 132 133
Clamping Unit
Clamping force KN 4800
Opening stroke mm 770
Space between tie-bars(H×V) mm 780*780
Max.mold height mm 830
Min mold height mm 380
Ejector stroke mm 250
Ejector Numbers mm
Ejector force mm 180
Max.pump pressure Bar 16 16
Drive power Kw 55.5 79.6
Heating capacity Kw 49.5 60.3
Machine dimensions m 9.8(10.5)1.95*2.5
Machine weight t 17 18
PET injection molding cav tov

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