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» Double color injectoin molding machines

Máquinas moldeo tumen inyección u naaj boonil

including double color injection molding machines and three colors injection molding machines.
1.Difference between two-color injection molding and secondary injection molding
1)The former is injection molded on a two-color machine, which can be molded at one time, and can have two color effects and different material composition; The latter is completed by an ordinary injection molding machine. Now take out the primary molding product and put it into another injection molding machine for re molding.
2)The former has two sets of molds, and the rear mold is the same and interchangeable; The latter is not required.

2. Principle of double pattern injection molding
It has two drums 1 y 5, and its nozzle structure is somewhat special. In addition to the function of normal nozzle, it can also be driven to rotate by the gear 3 installed at the rear. During molding, the melting materials of different colors are plasticized in the barrel 1 y 5 respectively, and the gear 3 drives the rotation shaft 4 to rotate, so that the melting materials of different colors enter the mold cavity alternately, so as to obtain plastic products of different colors and patterns radiating from the center to the surrounding.
3.Application scope of two-color injection molding machine
It is suitable for multi-color chips, two-color TPU soles, two-color handles, two-color watch straps and other two-color, multi-color and hard rubber coated products.
Matching with automatic inserting and taking out system, unmanned operation can be realized
It specializes in the development of automatic insert system of vertical injection molding machine, with fully automated workflow, high efficiency and low cost. Combined with auxiliary devices, it can realize unmanned and fully automated industrial production, reduce labor cost, stabilize production efficiency, quality and production capacity.

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