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China FLYSE-professional injection molding machines supplier

China Ningbo FLYSE Plastic Machinery Co.,ltd has been established for over 15 years. The company was started by experienced technical and sales team who have over 20 years’ experience in designing and making injection molding machines as well as selling injection molding machines.

We mainly supply:

  • Economical Injection molding machines including 50 Ton, 100Ton, 140Ton, 170Ton, 220Ton, 270Ton, 330Ton. This economical series are specially designed for those customers from developing countries and areas like middle east, south Asia and East-Asia, Africa as well as those countries after war such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, etc. The purpose to develop this economical series is to help those customers who want to start injection molding business but don’t have much investment budget. On this economical series injection machines, we use cheap but less famous brands and quality-approved components to reduce machines cost. The main mechanical parts are kept as same as our standard series machines. So economical injection molding machines are cheap injection molding machines. But we keep promise that cheap injection machines are stable in running. Servo pump or fixed pump is available.
  • Standard Injection molding machines with higher configuration including 50 Ton, 100Ton, 140Ton, 170Ton, 220Ton, 270Ton, 330Ton, 400Ton, 530Ton, 620 Ton. This series injection molding machines are mainly for those customers who need cheap injection machines but will afford more for better reliability.Servo pump or fixed pump is available.
  • High performance injection molding machines including 100 Ton, 130Ton, 160Ton, 200Ton, 230Ton, 260Ton, 300Ton, 360Ton, 400Ton, 480Ton, 550Ton, 680Ton, 850Ton, 1100Ton, 1300Ton, 1600Ton, 2000Ton, etc. Servo pump or fixed pump is available.
  • High Efficiency PET injection molding machines including 200Ton, 230Ton, 260Ton, 360Ton, 400Ton, 480Ton, 550Ton. This series are specially for PET preform producing with unique characteristic of high output, energy saving, short cycle time. These machines are suitable for pet preform molds with 6 cavities, 8 cavities, 16 cavities, 24 cavities, 32 cavities, 48 cavities, 72 cavities, etc. We also can customize low-output PET injection machines.
  • Multi colors injection molding machines including double colors injection molding machines and three colors injection molding machines
  • PVC injection molding machines
  • High Speed Injection Molding machines including 210Ton, 250Ton, 280Ton, 320Ton, 350Ton, 380Ton,etc. This series injection molding machines are designed for IML products, Thin-wall containers, forks and spoons, flower pots, etc.


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