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Five classifications of plastic color mixing machine

August 31, 2021

Plastic color mixing machine are divided into five categories: vertical color mixing machine, horizontal color mixing machine, drum type color mixing machine, dry color mixing machine, large tonnage color mixing machine/screw type color mixing machine, as follows:

  1. Features of vertical color mixing machine:
  2. Four-wheel vertical design, small size and easy to move;
  3. Equipped with cycloidal pinwheel reducer motor, low noise and durable;
  4. Complete uniform mixing in a short time, low energy consumption and rate;
  5. The lid and bottom of the barrel are stamped and formed to match and be more durable;
  6. The timer can choose the mixing time between 0-30 minutes.
  7. Features of horizontal color mixing machine:


  1. All stainless steel tank and unique mixing paddle design make it easy to clean. …
  2. Adopt cycloid pin wheel decelerating motor, and there will never be gear damage.
  3. The tiltable mixing tank is convenient for loading, unloading and cleaning.

Features of barrel type color mixing machine:


  1. The barrel is made of imported stainless steel, welded firmly, with bright surface and easy to clean. …
  2. 360-degree rotating and mixing, feeding and discharging can be positioned arbitrarily, easy to operate.
  3. *Mesh protective cover, reasonable structure, beautiful and practical, to ensure safe operation. To
  4. The timer can choose the mixing time between 0-30 minutes.

Dry color mixing machine features:


Features of large tonnage color mixing machine:

  1. Spiral circulation stirring makes the mixing of raw materials more uniform and fast;
  2. It is suitable for the mixing and stirring of various plastic raw materials and color masterbatches. The effect of mixing new and old materials and color masterbatches is better;
  3. The materials of the parts in contact with the equipment and raw materials are all made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and avoid rust;
  4. There are electronic control safety protection devices to ensure safe operation;


  1. Integrate temperature and time control to facilitate the setting of various parameters;
  2. Reasonable structure and easy operation;
  3. The stainless steel inner tank and outer shell are easy to clean;
  4. Double-layer heat preservation device.

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