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How do I install a plastic mold to an injection machine?

January 16, 2023

Mold installation and uninstallation plays a pretty important role in injection molding. Xiamen Huaye Precision Moulding Co.,Ltd is a professional injection mold manufacturer, and we have full experience of it. So here are some key points that we should pay attention to when install the plastic mold.

injection mold

injection mold

First: Preparation of the mold installation

1) Check whether the material has been baked, if not, it must be baked at first.

2) Check whether there is available machine, if the machine size and the ejection is suitable, and whether the required special functions are available.

3) Check if the mold is ready, if it is, operator should immediately report and wait for the notice.

4) After the above three points are ready, and then prepare the tool, water pipe and corresponding equipment.

Second: Steps of the mold installation

1) Move the mold to the front of the corresponding machine and place it firmly, screw on the related lifting ring and confirm the thimble position.

2) Lift the mold steadily, slowly put it into the machine, and align the positioning ring of the machine and the mold.

3) Close the mold slowly and tightly.

4) Tighten the mold with the pressure plate, slowly loosen and remove the crane, and then take the palladium off again.

5) Raise the high pressure, tighten the screw again and align the nozzle.

6) Check whether there are any abnormalities in the mold and confirm the equipment needed before opening the mold, and then slowly molding after checking.

7) Check the mold again for abnormalities after opening the mold.

8) Find relevant personnel to connect with special auxiliary equipment and debug the machine.

9) Install auxiliary equipment according to requirements, such as: water, cold runner, etc., and check whether these auxiliary equipment are normal.

10) Ready to turn on the machine.

Third:Preparation for the mold uninstallation

1) Stop the injection, eject the residual material of the screw, and clean the screw with PP material.

2) Turn off the corresponding water supply: ordinary water and water in the mold temperature machine.

3) Prepare the mold unintsalled tools and corresponding equipment: bucket, air gun, anti-rust oil, lifting ring, crane, etc.

4) Find the appropriate department to remove the equipment before the mold uninstallation.

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