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Viewing the current situation and future of domestic basic industry from the injection molding machine industry

January 24, 2023



After more than ten years of rapid development of injection molding machines in China, injection molding machines have grown from small to large, from weak to strong, and have become a large part of the country. In terms of annual sales of injection molding machines, they have a place in the global rankings. , is a major manufacturer and exporter of plastic machinery [1]. As far as the clusters of injection molding machine manufacturers are concerned, there are two clusters in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta. In the area of ​​the Yangtze River Delta, with Ningbo as the center, there are injection molding machine manufacturers of various sizes and sizes, and there are many upstream and downstream industrial chain manufacturers supporting it, forming a complete supporting scale for injection molding machines. reach a large number. However, the output value and profit of the injection molding machine cannot match the huge output. It can be regarded as the output of small profits but quick turnover, which belongs to the extensive type, the result of the contribution of high energy consumption, low output, and labor-intensive industries.

Exports are low-end equipment, and imports are high-end equipment. It can also be said that exports are steel and imports are technology [1]. The increase in the output of injection molding machines is equivalent to selling raw materials and changing the way to sell steel. The iron ore bought back from abroad has been smelted with high pollution, and then extensively piled up with limited technical content, and then exported, the profit margins obtained are very small. From the outside, the industry brought about is booming and full of vitality. In fact, it is still crazy follow-up expansion, resulting in a kind of self-consumption competition in the industry, which brings a huge contribution to the environment and resources of the upstream industry chain. From the perspective of market competition characteristics, in the past, it was mainly quantity expansion and price competition[1] .

1.The development path of injection molding machine in China

After more than 30 years of development, Chinese injection molding machines have grown from scratch, from small to large. Since the 1990s, the birthplace of injection molding machines is mainly on both sides of the Pearl River estuary. It was close to Hong Kong at that time. With the help of geographical advantages, the reform was the first place. Hong Kong and Taiwan have the most injection molding machines. Big brands such as: Chen Hsong, Yilida , Baoyuan, Taiwan’s Quan Lifa, Zhongtai Precision Machinery, Fu Chunxin, etc. At the beginning of the 21st century, injection molding machines began to expand from the south to the mainland of China. The rising star of the Yangtze River Delta has gradually achieved rapid development, and the Yangtze River Delta region has Ningbo as the center to radiate the surrounding areas. The injection molding machines are blooming everywhere, and many local companies have been born.

In the first ten years of the 21st century, injection molding machines from Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as South Korea and Japan, gradually lost their former advantages and gradually faded out of the Chinese market. Local companies gradually exploded. This process is a process of ebb and flow. At this time, there are two major clusters of injection molding machines, and the supporting upstream and downstream industrial chains, such as: the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, respectively on both sides of the Pearl River Bay in Guangdong; the Yangtze River Delta is centered on Ningbo, bringing a large number of supporting industries. The development of China has injected vitality into the open economy, promoted the overall progress of domestic processing and manufacturing technology and the improvement of services,

The greatest contribution during this period was to promote the improvement of the service concept of domestic heavy industry development, especially the upgrading of heavy manufacturing processing equipment, and on the other hand, it accelerated the change of the concept of processing manufacturing employees. In this regard, it is the biggest gain that cannot be replaced. The gratifying harvest is the greatest contribution to the domestic processing industry and the greatest improvement to the image of the entire basic processing industry. It allows the domestic basic processing industry to stand on the same starting line as foreign injection molding machine companies in terms of service concept support, and has the ability to compete with foreign injection molding machine companies. Injection molding machine manufacturers have the same bargaining platform and the possibility of participating in international competition, which is especially commendable. stic processing and manufacturing technology and the improvement of services.

2.Current status of injection molding machines in China

In terms of structure, the hydraulic power injection molding machine is composed of six main parts: clamping column frame part, injection material part, frame sheet metal part, hydraulic part, electric control part, lubrication part and so on. As far as the main structure of each part is concerned, the sheet metal part of the frame is all welded by profiles and plates through uncomplicated welding; the clamping column frame part and the injection melt part remove the seal and support in the cylinder of the actuator The component part itself is also processed from steel parts and profiles;

The hydraulic part of the hydraulic power injection molding machine is composed of power components, prime movers, oil pumps; executive components, oil valves, oil cylinders; connecting pipelines, etc. These components and accessories are mainly made in Germany and Japan on the hydraulic injection molding machine. Such as: the oil pump of the power source and various actuator oil valves, and the imitation products of individual valves in Taiwan; the electronic control part is the core part of the injection molding machine, which is equivalent to the nerve center and the human brain. The brands made in Japan are the main ones, and the brands made in Taiwan are supplemented. The brands made by domestic manufacturers are actually used in injection molding machines, and almost none of them have been widely promoted.

In terms of the structural composition of the electric injection molding machine, in addition to the clamping column part, the injection material part, the frame sheet metal part, the electric control part and the lubrication part, which are common to the hydraulic injection molding machine structure, there are also power and transmission parts. Compared with the all-electric injection molding machine and the hydraulic power injection molding machine, the biggest difference is that the all-electric injection molding machine has no electric energy converted into hydraulic energy, and then converted from hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, eliminating the intermediate link of hydraulic energy conversion. The conversion of hydraulic energy is omitted, and the conversion of electric energy to hydraulic energy is reduced. When the hydraulic energy is converted to mechanical energy, the heat generated by the hydraulic pressure, the loss of energy and the consumption of internal conversion efficiency of mechanical energy bring about the improvement of energy utilization; all-electric injection molding machines The power system is driven by all motors, relying on PLC and servo control technology, which can achieve high-precision control and substantial energy saving while avoiding the common noise, heat and oil leakage of hydraulic injection molding machines

Without the transmission and conversion of hydraulic power, the upstream industry will rely on environmental mining, the pollution will be small, and there will be new motivation and direction for the sustainable development of the environment. Because of this, the all-electric injection molding machine has been given the reputation of energy saving and environmental protection. The all-electric injection molding machine directly converts electrical energy into mechanical energy through mechanical conversion, thereby realizing the driving power. The all-electric injection molding machine can save energy by 30% to 60% compared with ordinary hydraulic injection molding machines[3][5], and can realize multi-action Run synchronously [4][5]. The all-electric injection molding machine needs a set of conversion devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, and the components used to transmit torque and force have to rely heavily on foreign countries and are monopolized by well-known foreign brand companies; some control components have not been able to match domestically In other words, the country is still in the toddler stage. For example, the screw for transmitting torque and force of the all-electric injection molding machine is still widely relied on imported from Japan, and it is still controlled by foreign technology. It can be produced domestically, but it is only small in diameter. The main reason is that the processing equipment relies on imports, and the processing technology needs to be improved and mastered. ; The driving of the control part still relies on Europe and Japan, which makes the all-electric injection molding machine a piece of fat that everyone wants to eat, but the purchase cost of machine parts is very high, and the maintenance cost in the later period makes the all-electric injection molding machine not large The area is well promoted.

On the contrary, in foreign countries, in some old-fashioned countries with a strong industrial foundation, small and medium-sized injection molding machines basically no longer produce hydraulic injection molding machines. Even if hydraulic injection molding machines are produced, the proportion is relatively low. Investment and research on electric power source transmission in other industries has led to the development of the entire heavy industry, such as Japan. Judging from the rapid development of injection molding machines in the past ten years, whether it is an all-electric injection molding machine or a hydraulic injection molding machine, its main and core components have not yet reached a certain localization rate.

3. Weak underbelly of injection molding machine

From the composition and structure of injection molding machine components, it can be seen that the core components, power and control parts of domestic injection molding machines have not been able to use domestic brands in China, resulting in the core technology or process of the entire injection molding machine still relying on foreign countries. The reasons are nothing more than: One is that each injection molding machine factory has been using foreign brands for a long time. The thinking inertia is due to the complex; the other is that some performance and use effects of domestic brands, including the service life, are far from reaching the same effect as foreign brands of equivalent products; any injection molding machine factory for its own enterprise Healthy and steady development, it is unlikely to sacrifice the excellent development momentum of its own enterprise to improve the utilization rate of China’s state-owned brands on injection molding machines, so the power and control part of injection molding machines will still be dominated by foreign brands for a long time.

Such as: oil pumps, oil valves, and the controllers of the control part are mainly products from some old industrial powerhouses in Europe and Japan. The long-term result of this is: when the international relations are good, the procurement cycle is short and the cost is relatively low; but when the international relations are delicate, especially when the external relations are not good, product price fluctuations and delivery cycles cannot be guaranteed. . For example, when the relationship with the United States has been tense in recent years, this passive situation will inevitably be exacerbated. The old industrial powers headed by the United States hold a group to restrain China’s development and delay the development of China’s industry. Like the chip industry, there will be a bottleneck in the supply of brand products. It may also be that the manufacturing equipment of the stuck product is set up, which caused the entire industry to move forward passively. From this we can see that the injection molding machine industry cannot be puffy. It looks big and bright on the outside, but it has no actual content of its own, and the name does not match the reality. Knowing from this, are other industries in the same situation as injection molding machines?

4.Monopoly of foreign technology

It can be seen from the weakness of the injection molding machine industry that although China’s injection molding machines have developed rapidly and are very large in recent years, the core products of the entire injection molding machine and the technology for manufacturing core products of the injection molding machine are still in the hands of well-known international brand manufacturers. The development of injection molding machine component brands is still in its infancy, especially the oil pump, oil valve and controller of the hydraulic injection molding machine power system. The reason: First, the eagerness to accompany quick success and quick profit. After so many years of rapid domestic economic development, no matter which industry is keen on money, the favor of quick money is a kind of close expectation; the second is that the industrial master machines that manufacture these products are still Restricted by foreign established industrial powers, the machine tools for processing these products still need to be imported, and the cost is relatively high

The third is that enterprises are not strong enough to improve the potential power of national basic industries. In terms of enterprise development, enterprises will not put their own development on research and development that cannot be seen or touched. Such investment costs are very high, and it may always be a bottomless pit. , may succeed; may fail; and the end customers who use the injection molding machine are not prepared to accept the product containing the mouse. As a result, enterprises have insufficient motivation to use domestically produced components on injection molding machines; even if enterprises have the feeling to use domestically produced components, they do not have the courage to use domestically produced components. In addition, the transaction of domestic parts products is a one-shot procurement model. As long as it is not the supplier’s own reasons, the purchased products will change models and return to improve performance, resulting in an infinite increase in costs. avoidance of reality. So far, the brands of key components on injection molding machines are still dominated by foreign old industrial brands and powerful products.

5 .How to get out

To break the current situation of being controlled by others in the injection molding machine industry, generations of injection molding machine practitioners are required to make selfless contributions in the plastic machine industry; in terms of capital operation, there must be far-sighted entrepreneurs who invest in experienced and driven plastic machine industry. To develop in-depth, keep the basic industry at its peak, seize the right to speak in the basic industry, and inject vitality and power into the development of China’s basic heavy industry; more practitioners of component products must have a whole-industry view and injection molding machine integration The community of machine factory interests improves service and cooperates from the perspective of the entire injection molding machine development industry; starting from a win-win situation and becoming bigger and stronger, it accelerates the use and trial of domestic injection molding machine components on the complete injection molding machine; from the industry level, there can be Innovation, radical strategy, development and expansion of the environment, let more people participate in and contribute to the injection molding machine industry and basic processing industry, and finally support the industry of a big country, let China’s heavy industry go to the world, and make unremitting efforts to achieve brilliance.


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